What We Do at Deborah's Cradle

Deborah’s Cradle is here to nurture, nudge and prayerfully support all who are willing to make an impact in their world. We run conferences focused especially on training and capacity building. We are available for personalized counselling, mentoring, and coaching. We also host retreats and prayer programmes. We write, we blog, we preach and teach… We also carry out interventions and charities… We do everything we can to inspire and motivate people to be all they can be – just as Deborah helped Barak liberate Israel!

There are two inspiring things about Deborah

1. Her name: It means “ bee ”; Bees are very busy insects. They make honey but sometimes may sting!

2. She was impactful. She encouraged Barak to find his purpose and fulfill his destiny.

So whether it’s a picture, quote, prayer, outreach activity … we’ll be busy like the bee, doing all we can to make honey for your life.

Our slogan is: to nurture and nudge.

God bless you as you find a way to fit in!

Meet The Vision-er

Manuela Izunwa

Manuela Izunwa is the founder of Deborah’s Cradle, a ministry of encouragement equipping women for a life of faith. Manuela is the author of over 40 books, has ministered extensively on every continent teaching and encouraging, and served on the boards of World Relief and Christianity Today.
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  • Satan does not play by the rules. The devil comes to steal, kill and destroy. Some afflictions we bear have been entrenched in bloodlines causing curses to pass from generation to generation.

I want to announce it ends now and ends with you!
You have no reason to be bound by wrongs of your fathers. You should not bear the consequences of the sins of your fathers. You are free!

In the name of Jesus I release fire 🔥🔥🔥 against such bondages! You are free!

  • Who can admit that they have looked up to other places than the "hills" for help? I have... I know there are times I have turned away from looking to God, and have looked instead for help from men. I have also relied on my ability instead of grace from above. All the time... ending in frustration!

It's time for a #refocussing, eyes 👀 up!

Lord, it is in You we trust!
Help us!

  • Your life experiences are limited or expanded by the measure of your faith. Simple!

While some people keep having mountains skipping out of their paths... others are never advancing because their monstrous obstacles won't budge!

Faith make all the difference! Every wise Christian would grow it. May God build our faith!

It's time for #exploits.
It's time for #impact.
It's time for adventures of faith!

Step out of your boat!
  • God is never surprised... and never taken unawares. So do not panic.

Secondly, His thoughts about us are for good never evil. So do not be frantic.

His counsel will stand. No gimmicks or gang up can stop it. 10 billion satans cannot change what He has planned. Be at peace!

I don't know what your current situation is. But God is for you. He will #show Himself #strong for you!

You have overcome!

  • We tend to take a lot for granted. We just assume that we will wake up, breathe, wee, poo, move and do stuff, #justbecause! We then grow the entitlement mentality, and behave as though God owes us. 
I don't take God's grace and goodness for granted at all. And, if you are like me, you won't tire of telling Him thanks!

Join me (in your own way) in praise and adoration to our God!

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