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Deborah’s Cradle is here to nurture, nudge and prayerfully support all who are willing to make an impact in their world. I believe everyone has been given something to make a mark in their generation. The most inspiring thing about Deborah meaning “ Bee ” is that she encouraged Barak to fulfill his destiny. So whether it’s a picture, quote, prayer, outreach activities, we’ll be busy like the bee, doing all we can to make honey for your life.

Meet The Vision-er

Manuela Izunwa

Manuela Izunwa is the founder of Deborah’s Cradle, a ministry of encouragement equipping women for a life of faith. Manuela is the author of over 40 books, has ministered extensively on every continent teaching and encouraging, and served on the boards of World Relief and Christianity Today.
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  • I have often wondered about David. What made him so exceptional? Why did God "fall in love" with him? Did God not have a hand in making Him who he was?

God is still looking, looking for more people like David. Despite, or in spite, of all my shortcomings I am praying He finds me worthy. Lord, find me is my prayer!

For Him to find us....
We must be pliable. 
We must be yielded. 
We must be His.

Lord, do whatever You need to do to make us who You want us to be. And....anoint us, specially in Jesus name, Amen!!! #prayember 
  • Who is really responsible for our messes? 🤔😩🤯🤕 Could it be God? He usually takes all the blame. Could it be the devil, he is a master at spoiling. Or, is it us? 
In the place of prayer, we are able to discover the actors and intents. Job never knew God was "behind" his misfortune. Samson never knew he had a stronger impulse "within" than his superpower. Eve, only after a bite discovered that satan had far reaching evil plans.

However, irrespective of what is panning out, prayer is the key to coming out successfully, and ending with a testimony! And.... our faith can be strong no matter  what we go through because we KNOW He who began a good work in you is ABLE to complete it.

  • I love this verse. It tells me something: God builds and He watches. He gets involved with ventures and is the #only guarantee for success. However, if we carry on without Him, failure and frustration will attend all we do.

I pray for you: may you always remember to invite Him. I pray you will no longer waste energy and resources. I pray He gives you success in Jesus name!

  • I do not like trials. I definitely dislike #temptations too. I find that I fail at them quite a lot. I wish there was a way to avoid them all. 😂😂 I have found that there is no escape, but there is a purpose: God passes us through them, to make us better people. Our prayer today is to ask that God always wins in this regard. It is to pray the the devil never gets the upper hand which would lead to shame.

We are praying for our lives: that the Samson experience won't be ours. Instead, may the help of God keep us coming out like Joseph. 🤲🙏 Father, help us! 
We shall not fail you! Keep us standing strong. Make us always come out as #gold in Jesus name. Amen!

  • #PrayEmber 
  • #PrayEmber