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Rousing your Inner Giant!

July 15, 2019

Usually when we hear the word ‘giant’ what comes to mind is a huge, monstrous enemy who stands in the way of our progress or success. Maybe, too, because biblical references to giants were mainly negative, we perceive them as devilish detractors or opponents. A good one to note is Goliath, the man who singlehandedly held the entire army of Israel to scorn. He was so fearful that no soldier could challenge him. For forty days he affronted them and no one could raise their heads; not even the king.

Nevertheless, in this discourse, I will like you to see your giant differently. Not as the one outside. Not as the one that intimidates and ruffles you. Not as the one that you can never overcome. Not as your enemy. No! We will deal with those types later. This time, I will like you to see another giant, an even greater one: it’s the one in you! This is the giant Goliath’s contender was familiar with. In the story I was referencing, there was someone who came on the scene called David. He was a young average guy who knew he was a giant too. David faced Goliath head on and defeated him. It is this giant I intend to introduce you to, and hope to, get awakened.


You have a giant within! You didn’t know that? He/She lives in your heart, soul or mind whatever you choose to call it, however, your giant will not grow to size unless you nurture it. Your giant is your inner man. Everyone knows we are more than our physical beings. Our real personalities go beyond how tall, fair, endowed, rich, social and educated we are.

Let’s see… Who is your giant?


  1. Your potential you: Your giant is the person you could be if you reached your potentials. Your giant is the ‘you’ you could be…you know, that person you are in your dreams. That individual you wish you were—the superman or superwoman you could transform into if you could reach your full potentials. Your giant is you if you could acknowledge and harness your inherent abilities and surplus resources around you.


  1. Your developed personality: Your giant is the person you could be if you grow. If we can realise that our present state is the accumulation of past choices, we will know that our giants are just a few right decisions away. I mean, your giant will emerge once you begin to make meaningful decisions—decisions like self-development, self-leadership, and self-discipline. Decisions like breaking the box, rather than thinking within or around the context of a box. Decisions like holding yourself accountable and responsible for your actions. Decisions to leave your nest and experience life rather than stay and die in your comfort zone.


  1. Your undefeatable you. Your giant is that person inside who would be able to conquer your foes. He/She is the empowered you. Only giants can vanquish giants.

The strong you…

The unbeatable you…

The resilient you…

The able you… is your giant!

Life sends giants after you, that is why they say life is a battle. Unfortunately, many are so weak that time and time again they are beaten black and blue. The only way you can overcome in life is by growing your giant.


Through this series, I hope to touch on triggers that will spur us on to rising into our true potentials. Join me actively. Read, write and take action! Will you join me to make your giant rise?




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Manuela Izunwa

Manuela Izunwa is the founder of Deborah’s Cradle, a ministry of encouragement equipping women for a life of faith. Manuela is the author of over 40 books, has ministered extensively on every continent teaching and encouraging, and served on the boards of World Relief and Christianity Today.
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I don't take God's grace and goodness for granted at all. And, if you are like me, you won't tire of telling Him thanks!

Join me (in your own way) in praise and adoration to our God!

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  • Taking this passage literally would mean that that we are like, hmmmm 🤔 a combination of Ironman, Black Panther, Superwoman, Storm, Thor, Catwoman, Captain America, Spideman, etc! 

Yeah, I watch #marvel and love #marvellegends. 🤦🏽‍♀️😂😁🤣 We celebrate their power and are awed at what they can do. But we don't realise we are better equipped by God. What we watch as fantasy is actually our spiritual reality! 
#We are #powerful and #invincible 
We may get hit, but will not hurt!
We may get fought, but will not be fraught!
We may get blows, but never be brought low!

May this verse take a new meaning in your heart. I pray it will be like a 360° bubble shield around you and yours!
Never to be penetrated in Jesus name!

  • Even great King David despaired. I don't know where he had to flee to, because he was crying from the "ends of the earth". He had gone into the dark place of doubt, despair, despondency and death.

Are you on the run too? 
You can call to Him. No distance is too far for Him to reach you. Pray to Him, God will send help. 
I pray for you; may God hear your voice. May His compassion be stirred up towards you. May your answers come swiftly in Jesus name!

  • God is very deliberate. He wants us to hear, think and live by what He says. The passage today refers to the troubles, trials and tribulations of Paul. You know what? He called them #light afflictions!

Your mindset matters. Whether the cup is #halffull or #halfempty depends solely on how you "see".
I have chosen to be positive.

So... to me
Affliction is light not heavy!
Affliction is temporary not lasting!
Affliction is working for my glory, not for my shame!

Therefore, I can confidently go to God for fortitude. I'm not falling! I'm not failing! God has me!

Father, help me see right and live victorious all my days in Jesus name!